I have a lot of material to add to this site, and I'm adding it in a very slapdash and random manner, based on whatever drifts into my attention. But here is my current 'to do' list for the site, in no particular order. More items doubtless to be added as they come to me.


More technical stuff

  • Set up a custom map containing all family-history-related places (I tried to do this with Bing Maps - because of its beautiful OS maps- but it doesn't display the pins for some reason, so I suppose I'll have to go with Google Maps for this one).
  • Set up a Google Docs spreadsheet of key family tree data, especially primary documents (baptismal register entries, for example), and embed this somewhere on the wiki (see next).
  • Set up some sort of interactive Timeline. I've tried Dipity but it's a little disappointing: there is no 'timeline play' feature on the map, which is what I was initially after. Ought to be possible to populate such a timeline with data directly from the Google Docs spreadsheet above.
  • Work out if there is a way to display the Genopro pedigree (or parts thereof) on the site in an interactive manner (allowing zooming, panning etc).