John Barton 1860 when staying with H V Elliott.jpgRev John Barton.jpg
LEFT: John Barton in 1860 (aged 24) when staying with Rev. Henry Venn Elliott (1792-1865), a year after John's ordination.
RIGHT: John Barton later in life.

Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, stained glass window left of altar showing Rev John Barton Detail.JPGHoly Trinity Church, Cambridge, plaque next to stained glass window.JPG
Stained glass window and plaque at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge (to the left of the altar).

John wrote a memoir, and much of his later life is also described in the memoir of his wife Emily. A biography of John was written by his son Cecil and published posthumously. He has also appeared in the Dictionary of National Biography.


With Catherine Wigram (1831-1860):
  1. Emily Frances Barton (b.&d.1860); died aged 3 months.

With Emily Elliott (1839-1924):
  1. Arthur Elliott Barton (1864-1931).
  2. Rev. Jack Barton (1866-1941).
  3. Fred Barton (1868-1929).
  4. Rev. Cecil Barton (1870-1909).
  5. Ethel Barton (1871-1937).
  6. Jessie Barton (1874-1955).
  7. Guy Barton (1875-1947).
  8. Bill Barton (1877-1952).
  9. David Fenn Barton (b.&d.1879).