external image John%20Barton%201860%20when%20staying%20with%20H%20V%20Elliott.jpgexternal image Rev%20John%20Barton.jpg
LEFT: John Barton in 1860 (aged 24) when staying with Rev. Henry Venn Elliott (1792-1865), a year after John's ordination.
RIGHT: John Barton later in life.

external image Holy%20Trinity%20Church%2C%20Cambridge%2C%20stained%20glass%20window%20left%20of%20altar%20showing%20Rev%20John%20Barton%20Detail.JPGexternal image Holy%20Trinity%20Church%2C%20Cambridge%2C%20plaque%20next%20to%20stained%20glass%20window.JPG
Stained glass window and plaque at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge (to the left of the altar).

John wrote a memoir, and much of his later life is also described in the memoir of his wife Emily. A biography of John was written by his son Cecil and published posthumously. He has also appeared in the Dictionary of National Biography.


With Catherine Wigram (1831-1860):
  1. Emily Frances Barton (b.&d.1860); died aged 3 months.

With Emily Elliott (1839-1924):
  1. Arthur Elliott Barton (1864-1931).
  2. Rev. Jack Barton (1866-1941).
  3. Fred Barton (1868-1929).
  4. Rev. Cecil Barton (1870-1909).
  5. Ethel Barton (1871-1937).
  6. Jessie Barton (1874-1955).
  7. Guy Barton (1875-1947).
  8. Bill Barton (1877-1952).
  9. David Fenn Barton (b.&d.1879).