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"My own birthplace, as all my children know, was at East Leigh near Havant but I was the first of our family who were born there, the property having been purchased by my father two years before, viz. 1834. He had previously lived since his marriage to my mother in 1820 and for some few years previously at Stoughton, a retired village lying among the chalk hills 6 miles from Leigh and about the same distance from Chichester. At Stoughton my four elder brothers and sisters were born – Joseph, Anne, Elizabeth and Gerard. Previously to his going to Stoughton my father had resided at Chichester. There his mother spent the later years of her life and there she died and he himself, years after, when stricken with paralysis, returned thither to die. I was a boy of 14 when we left Leigh and went to live at Chichester and when my father died 2 years later, in 1852, I was a schoolboy at Highgate, my eldest brother Joseph having just entered Oxford and Gerard having entered a merchant’s office at Lewes." *Memoirs of John Barton p1

"Carol brought the four younger ones direct to Peel from Cambridge; and I think Fred and Cecil cycled to Barrow and crossed thence to the Island; or that Cecil was in Northern Ireland that summer with John Robinson of Christ College and only Fred came to Peel. Alice was with us also this month; and it was here that we received the sad news of her brother Cam's death in Sierra Leone. This was a heavy blow in every way to his good Father (Uncle Joseph) who lent much on his eldest son; and looked to him to father the four young step brothers and sisters when he should himself be taken. Dear 'Cam' was most genuinely mourned by the young cousins, as he deserved; and they can never forget his unselfish devotion to them all." *Memoirs of Emily Elliott pp95-96


With Ellinor Taylor (1832-1862):
  1. Ellinor Josephina Barton (b.1857)
  2. John Campbell Barton (1858-1889)
  3. Major Charles Gerard Barton (1860-1919)
  4. Alice Matilda Barton (b.1862)
  5. Ernest Robert Barton (b.&d.1862)

With Susan Wilhelmina Sullivan (1844-1927):
  1. Marion Edith Barton (b.1871)
  2. Kathleen Susie Barton (1874-1956)
  3. George Tompkins Norman Barton (1876-1900)
  4. Walter Lindsay Barton (1877-1952)