The interactive map below shows the parishes around Ivegill. Click on a coloured area to get the name of the parish. You can also drag the map with your mouse, and zoom in by double-clicking or by using the + button near the top left corner.
Boundaries are approximate, and based on a map in Index to the wills proved in the Consistory court of Carlisle, 1661-1750 (1998).

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Shifting boundaries?

The map shows clearly that Ivegill lies at the boundary between three parishes: Dalston, Hesket-in-the-Forest, and an outlying area of the St Marys in Carlisle parish. But it's also very close to Castle Sowerby parish, Skelton parish, and Hutton-in-the-Forest parish.

It may also be that parish boundaries have changed over the years, or have otherwise been unclear:

In the will of John Barton (d.1720), he writes: "I John Barton of Ivegill Head in the parish of Heskett".
In the will of his son John Barton of Ivegill (d.1747), he writes: "I John Barton of Hive-gill in the Parish of Dalston."
Likewise, in the will of the latter's wife Ann (d.1748), she writes "I Anne Barton of Hive-gill in the Parish of Dalston" despite declaring her property to be in Thomas Close (which is in Hutton-in-the-Forest parish).