General reference

For everything:

For scanned books: should be applauded for this project- it is incredibly useful) (which does a better embeddable book reader than Google Books, and seems to have more books too)

To provide hyperlink references to specific phrases: (for famous quotes) (for passages from famous works), e.g. (which I link to for biblical references)

For gravestone and monument images:
Charles Sale's very useful site

Maps & Streetview (which does good embeddable 'custom' maps) (which does OS maps and Bird's Eye angular aerial photography in places)

For historical maps: (not embeddable, sadly)

For embeddable Streetview imagery:

For 'surname maps': (Maps and statistics of British surname distributions; not embeddable, sadly) (Maps and statistics of world surname distributions; not embeddable, sadly)

Genealogy sites

Useful books online:
Debretts Baronetage of England, seventh edition (1835) at
Burke's A General and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire, Fourth edition Volume 2 (1832)

Completely free: (for better off families) (BMDs) (censuses) (parish registers) (searches the Mormons' "International Genealogical Index")

Premium subscription: (free registry to post your tree and search others, but subscription-based to contact others through the site for more info) (free 14 day trial; access to 1841-1911 censuses, BMDs index 1837-2006, parish records for baptisms, marriages and burials from 1538, and migration records, military records and others) and ()

Genealogy software

Completely free:
Personal Ancestral File (; from the Mormons' site; seems now to be unsupported in favour of online alternatives)

Purchasable: (my personal choice as it does great clear visual pedigrees, but there haven't been updates for years and it is hard to embed the pedigrees in sites). (linked to and