Here is my [DBHB's] list of the biggest outstanding questions (though I'm sure other Barton family historians may disagree) about the history of this branch of the Barton family:

John and William Barton - brothers?

Is there any documentary proof that my line, descended from John Barton of Ivegill (d.1747), is related to the 'coach-building line' descended from William Barton (1700-1763)? William is also from Ivegill, and the two lines share many first names. William's will nominates a Bernard Barton as a trustee, and this could be Bernard Barton of Carlisle (1728-1773). John and William could be the sons of John Barton (d.1720), but how can we prove this?

An extended family?

Are the Ivegill Bartons related to the Ormside Bartons? And are the Ormside Bartons really related to Bartons right across the country? Some of the descendants of William Barton (1700-1763) have a family tradition (but since when?) that they are related to the famous Scottish 'pirate'/privateer Sir Andrew Barton (1466-1511), and two related websites (hereand here) do suggest that one of Sir Andrew's ancestors - a Robert Barton - was "Receiver and Keeper of Military Stores in the District of Carlisle, Co. Cumberland, 1315." That same family clearly are related to Bartons right across the country, and the names Robert, William and John do recur a lot. But can we definitively tie these families together to the Ivegill lines?

Which came first?

Are any Cumbrian Bartons actually named after the place, or is the place Barton named after the family?


Were Barnard & John really brothers? Where were they born and where are the records? Who is the John Barton on the Chapel document?

Parsy Close, Bartons Farm or Ive Bank?

John Barton (d.1720) left property at "Parcy Close" in his will. His son John Barton of Ivegill (d.1747) didn't name any specific property but left everything to his wife Ann (d.1748). She left property at "Thomas Close", where there is a Bartons Farm, 3/4 mile ENE of two fields called High and Low Parsy Close. Ann's son Bernard Barton of Carlisle (1728-1773) is said to have lived at Ive Bank, which is roughly 2 miles N of these other lands. Were they all part of the same holdings, or did the family move around a lot?

Distant Cousins?

What happened to the other children of Bernard Barton of Carlisle (1728-1773)? I've just heard from a descendant of Margaret Barton (1755-1836) and her husband Robert Faulder (in London), but hope to hear from any descendants of Joseph Barton (b.1760) and Isaac Barton (1771-1819) (one descendant of whom is mentioned in the *Memoirs of John Barton).

Where are the John Barton Senior (1789-1852) Journals?

Four volumes were written. The third and fourth have been transcribed, and the originals used to be owned by Major Robert George Lindsay Barton (b.1914), but where are they now? The original first and second volumes have never surfaced. Do you have them in your loft?

Dougan-Squire-Rowe Connection?

Emily Elliott's maternal grandmother Clarissa Squire was a daughter of a wealthy merchant in Plymouth, Devon, named Joseph Squire.

But funnily enough my (DBHB) mother's paternal ancestry (a Devonian family named Rowe) also married into a Squire family. Her great x3 grandfather John Rowe (b.1751) married Ann Squire (d.1788) on 1 November 1771, in Okehampton. The Squire name was handed down as a middle name through several generations of their descendants. It has proved difficult to learn more, since so many records were destroyed in Exeter during the war.

Are these two Squires related?