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A lengthy biography was produced in the 1980s (but not published) by his great grandson Major Robert G.L. Barton.
An excellent short biography of John Barton Senior is given in *Griffiths 2001-2. His life is also briefly discussed on the Bloomsbury People blog here.

First Marriage

The following is Public Record Office reference RG 6/541:
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"On the twenty ninth Day of the eighth Month, One Thousand Eight Hundred and eleven... John Barton of Chichester in the County of Sussex, Merchant.... Son of John Barton, late.... of Hertford deceased.... and Elizabeth.... his Wife, and Ann Woodrouffe Smith, Daughter of Thomas Woofrouffe Smith of Stockwell in the County of Surry deceased.... and Ann... his Wife, took each other in Marriage in a publick Assembly of the people called Quakers, in their meeting house at Wandsworth in the County of Surry in the presence of us

Tho.s Reynolds of Wallington, Surry, Bleacher
Geo. Harrison, Wandsworth
Sam.l West of Billiter Lane, London, Warehousekeeper

This Marriage was solemnized between us,
John Barton
Ann Woodrouffe Smith"

Chichester High School For Boys

John was involved with the school, and his name lives on on these testimonial boards which are preserved at the school. My thanks to Tracey Waller from CHSB for the information and photo below:
John Barton CHSB Testimonial Boards.JPG

Birkbeck College

John was a founder of Birkbeck College when it was called the London Mechanics' Institution. The institute has moved from its original location, but the stone bearing John's name has been moved with it (currently on the ground floor behind the lobby, facing the lifts):
John Barton's name on the foundation stone for Birkbeck College 2.jpg


With Fanny Rickman (1807-1842):
  1. Rev. Joseph Barton (1829-1905).
  2. Anne Barton (1831-1921).
  3. Elizabeth Barton (b.1832).
  4. Rev. Gerard Barton (1834-1889).
  5. Rev. John Barton of Cambridge (1836-1908).
  6. Sara Barton (1838-1842).
  7. Josephina Barton (b.1840).
  8. Fanny Barton (1841-1878).
  9. Emily Barton (1842-1927).

Lived at East Leigh House, Havant.


Hints for Improving the Condition of the Poor (1815) by John Barton in The Philanthropist No 18, April 1815, p153 (online [[@"Hints for Improving the Condition of the Poor"&pg=PA153#v=onepage&q="Hints for Improving the Condition of the Poor"&f=false|here]])

Observations on the Circumstances which Influence the Condition of the Labouring Classes of Society, 1817 (link, but not readable).

An Inquiry into causes of the Progressive Depreciation of Agricultural Labour in Modern Times with Suggestions for its Remedy, 1820 (link, but not readable).

A Statement of the Consequences likely to Ensue from our Growing Excess of Population if not Remedied by Colonisation, 1830 (link, but not readable).

In Defence of the Corn Laws, or An Inquiry into the Expediency of the Existing Restrictions on the Importation of Foreign Corn with Observations on the Present Social and Political Prospects of Great Britain, 1833 (link, but not readable).