Ivegill is a tiny village in Cumbria, situated on a stream (or gill) called the Ive. It's also been known variously as Ive-Gill, Hyvegill, Hivegill, or High Head / Highead (these latter probably due to its proximity to High Head Castle).

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Sites of interest

Ive Bank, a house believed once to have been owned by John Barton (d.1720), sits next to the river at the south end of the village, next to an ancient stone packhorse bridge (see below). Across the road is a farm called The Grange, which belonged to the Bewley family. About 1 mile to the west of Ivegill are High Head Castle and High Head Chapel which some Bartons helped to build and run.

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The packhorse bridge in Ivegill. (Image from http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/127538)

Bartons of Ivegill

The following Bartons of Ivegill are recorded in various parish registers:

"Robertus Barton de hyvegill" (buried 20 March 1602; *Dalston parish records v1 p155)
"uxor [wife] Johis : Barton de Ivegill" (buried 22 April 1624; *Dalston parish records v1 p173)
"filia [daughter of] Johannis Barton de Ivegill sepulta" (buried 19 February 1655; *Dalston parish records v1 p193)
"John Barton de Hivegill sepultus &..." (buried 2 July 1662; *Dalston parish records v1 p198)
"Anne Barton de Hivegill buried" (buried 18 June 1696; *Dalston parish records v2 p224)
"Barnard Barton of Hivegill buried" (buried 14 November 1715; *Dalston parish records v2 p237)
"Margaret Barton of Hivegill buried" (buried 2 February 1715/16; *Dalston parish records v2 p237)
"Margaret Daughter of John Barton of Ive-Gill" (baptized 10 October 1722; *High Head baptismal register)
"Jane Daughter of John Barton of Ive-Gill" (baptized 1 August 1725; *High Head baptismal register)
"Barnard Son of John Barton of Ive-Gill" (baptized 23 June 1728; *High Head baptismal register)
"Widow Barton [Possibly Maball, wife of Barnard Barton (d.1715)?] of Hivegill buried" (buried 31 January 1729; *Dalston parish records v2 p246)
"Mabel Daughter of John Barton of Ive-Gill" (baptized 10 September 1732; *High Head baptismal register)
"John Barton of Hivegill buried" (buried 20 November 1747; *Dalston parish records v2 p255)
"Ann Barton of Hivegill widow buried" (buried 14 March 1748; *Dalston parish records v2 p256)
"Margaret Barton of Hivegill buried" (buried 23 July 1749; *Dalston parish records v2 p256)
"Mary Daughter of William and Fanny Barton of Hive-Gill baptized" (baptized 24 April 1751; *High Head baptismal register)
"George the Son of Bernerd & Mary Barton of Ive-Gill baptized" (baptized 2 April 1753; *High Head baptismal register)
"Joseph the Son of Barnerd & Mary Barton of Ive-Gill baptized" (baptized 31 July 1760; *High Head baptismal register)

Of course there are other Bartons in these records that may be from Ivegill without it having been stated explicitly. Other children of Bernard Barton & Mary Porter, for example, are in the *High Head baptismal register without it being stated that they are from Ivegill.

Parish allegiance

Ivegill lies at the boundary between three parishes: Dalston, Hesket-in-the-Forest, and an outlying area of the St Marys in Carlisle parish. But it's also very close to Castle Sowerby parish, Skelton parish, and Hutton-in-the-Forest parish. It may also be that parish boundaries have changed over the years, or have otherwise been unclear:
In the will of John Barton (d.1720), he writes: "I John Barton of Ivegill Head in the parish of Heskett".
In the will of his son John Barton of Ivegill (d.1747), he writes: "I John Barton of Hive-gill in the Parish of Dalston."
Likewise, in the will of the latter's wife Ann (d.1748), she writes "I Anne Barton of Hive-gill in the Parish of Dalston" despite declaring her property to be in Thomas Close (which is in Hutton-in-the-Forest parish).