Emily described her own life in some detail in a really rather interesting memoir.

Emily Eugenia Elliott aged 15 and brother Arthur, by R A Heapy 1854.jpgEmily Eugenia Elliott 1839-1924.jpg

LEFT: Emily with her brother Arthur in ~1854, aged 15 and 13 respectively. Portrait by R. A. Heapy inherited by Lt. Col. Ted Barton (1897-1971) from Kathleen Barton (b.1874).
RIGHT: Emily as a young woman.

Rev John and Emily Barton July 1864.jpg
Emily with her husband John in July 1864, the year after they married. She is ~6 months pregnant with Arthur.

John Barton and his family at Holy Trinity Vicarage Cambridge 1884 Back row Ethel Jack Cecil Jessie Fred Centre row Arthur Emily John In front Bill Guy.jpg
Emily (seated in the middle) with her family. The original is captioned "Trinity Vicarage, Cambridge 1884".
Back row: Ethel, Jack, Cecil, Jessie, Fred. Front row: Arthur, Bill, Emily, Guy, John.

Emily Barton nee Elliott.jpgEmily Eugenia Barton nee Elliott aged 80.jpg
Emily in 1919, aged 80.


With Rev. John Barton of Cambridge (1836-1908):
  1. Arthur Elliott Barton (1864-1931).
  2. Rev. Jack Barton (1866-1941).
  3. Fred Barton (1868-1929).
  4. Rev. Cecil Barton (1870-1909).
  5. Ethel Barton (1871-1937).
  6. Jessie Barton (1874-1955).
  7. Guy Barton (1875-1947).
  8. Bill Barton (1877-1952).
  9. David Fenn Barton (b.&d.1879).