The following newspaper clipping came from the Sussex Advertiser, 27 January 1962:

"Miss Ethel Theodora Barton, aged 63, of Wylde Green, Jackman's Road, Woking died on Tuesday, last week, after a long illness. She was the daughter of the late Rev. C. E. Barton, who was a missionary in the Punjab and Kashmir.

Miss Barton was therefore inclined to the missionary field and went our to India in 1926. However she had to return a few years later through ill health and then served for many years on the staff of the Church Missionary Society, principally on the editorial side. She retired in 1955 to look after her ageing mother, but when they moved from Bromley, Kent to St. John's, Woking, in 1956, she immediately became involved in parish work under the Rev. H. L. Higgs, then vicar of the parish and now Archdeacon of Bradford.

Among her many activities in the parish were the Women's Fellowship, the Bible Reading Fellowship and helping in the Sunday School. She was also secretary of the C.M.S. Association and a member of the Guildford Diocesan Council.

About a year ago she took on the editing of the St. John's parish paper and wrote articles for this even during the period of her illness.

At the funeral service in St. John's Parish Church on Tuesday the vicar, the Rev. Tony Waite used "The faithful servant" as his theme for the address.

He stressed how much he had relied upon Miss Barton's quiet efficiency. If there was a job to be done, he told the mourners, he knew it would always be carried out completely, without fuss.

Miss Barton will be greatly missed in the parish community and, indeed, in a much wider field."