Once called Castelnau-de-la-Garde (now called Chateau Castelnau-Valence), in southern France near Uzès.
Purchased, in 1500, by Antoine Boileau (d.1530).

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Chateau Castelnau-Valence (image from http://www.gites-gard-cevennes.com/chateau.html).

"Our first stage was to Nimes, where we spent three or four nights only, and made acquaintance with my French relative, the Marquis de Valfons of Castelnau, 15 miles beyond Nimes and to which we drove, and saw over the restored Chateau which has been 400 years the property of the Boileau family. The present Marquis came to it through his mother, Gabrielle Boileau, who was a more direct heir than any male Roman Catholic descendant living. The English branch of the family is really the elder; as Charles Boileau, eldest son of Jacques, who died after ten years in prison for his faith, resigned the Castelnau property, being a Protestant, at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, in 1598 [Emily makes an error here: the edict was passed in 1598, but revoked in 1685], in favour of his younger brother 'Maurice', a Roman Catholic and migrated to England. Here he entered the Army, and his sons and grandsons, Simeon, Solomon, and others settled in Ireland where your Great Grandmother, née Alicia Boileau was born in 1780, being the 17th child! My French relations were very cordial; and said how glad they would be at any time to welcome members of the English branch; and that Jessie was the first they had seen of the younger generation. At lunch with the de Valfons we met their only son Henri the future Marquis - only married a fortnight - who expressed a hope that Jessie would go and see them on her honeymoon!" *Memoirs of Emily Elliott p115.