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Oil-painting by John Russell R.A., painted ~1777/8


A full biography of Charles Elliott can be found in *Barton 1966. In addition there are the following mentions:

From *Memoirs of Emily Elliott pp1-2:
"It is said that this Great Grandfather as an enterprising lad came up to London from Essex, with 1/- in his pocket, about the year 1770; whether this be so or not, it is known that he left it worth more than a quarter of million of money. It was at the time of Pitt's ministry when our war with Napoleon was going on [i.e. between 1804 and 1806]; and Pitt borrowed from Charles Elliott and others money for the Government, paying high interest for the same. This, added to years of industry and hard work as the first importer of French furniture to England, enabled old Mr. Charles Elliott to retire about the year 1816, and purchase a charming house, then at the extreme end of Brighton, and still known as 'Westfield Lodge' [where the 'Hilton Brighton Metropole' now stands, [[@ Kings Road, Brighton BN1 1&ss=yp.Hilton Brighton Metropole~pg.1|on King's Road, facing the sea]]; an attractive polychromatic brick building built in 1889], where he and his family spent the remainder of their days. During his life in, or near London, being a good man, he became intimate with the Macaulays, Wilberforces and other good men who took part at this time in the revival of Religion in England, after a long sleep of years. Also with the Venns one of whom [John Venn (1750-1813), son of Henry Venn (1725-1797) of the Clapham Sect] at the beginning of this Century helped Mr. Charles Simeon and others found the Church Missionary Society.

My great Grandfather married twice – first a Miss Sherman - and second a Miss Venn. It was this latter dear and gifted lady who acted a Mother's part to my father from three years old to eighteen years. To his dying day I never heard him call her anything but 'my dear and honoured Grandmother'. It was this old gentleman, my Great Grandfather, you see, and his wife, Miss Venn who brought up my father with their own large family - who were my father's young Uncles and Aunts. There were six sons, and six daughters" [actually seven of each, but only six of each survived infancy]

From *Eliott 1974 p170:
"CHARLES ELLIOTT, the only surviving son of Charles Edward Elliot, was baptised at Burnham, Essex on 7th June 1751. At the age of eighteen he went to London and trained as a cabinet-maker. He quickly showed an aptitude for the business, in 1774 becoming a partner in the firm of Davis & Elliott of 97 New Bond Street (now numbered 104). A year later, on 21st July 1775, he married Sarah Ann, daughter of Rev. Dr. Sherman of St. James’s, Piccadilly. Charles prospered in his trade, making furniture for the Royal Family and one of the most noted cabinet-makers of the period. He eventually had two houses, Grove House in Clapham and Westfield Lodge in Brighton. Sarah Ann died in 1784 and Charles married 2ndly, on 2nd December 1785, Eling, daughter of Rev. Henry Venn, Vicar of Huddersfield and Rector of Yelling. Charles Elliott became the representative of the Elliots of Larriston in 1803 following the death of Major-General William Elliot. Charles died on 15th October 1832, having
had issue by Sarah Ann Sherman three sons and two daughters. The elder daughter, Sarah Maria, born 1781, married in 1803 the Very Rev. Hugh Nicholas Pearson D.D., Dean of Salisbury, and died 1858 having had issue. The second daughter, Eliza, died young. The sons were..."

From *Hole 1896 p626:
"ELLIOTT, Mr. Charles, born June 12, 1751. By his first wife Sarah Anne, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Sherman, he was the father of four surviving children. On December 10, 1785, he married, secondly. Miss Eling Venn, daughter of the Rev. Henry Venn, of Yelling, previously of Huddersfield. He carried on a very lucrative business as upholsterer to the King at 97 (now 104) New Bond Street. In 1793 he was residing at Paddington in a charming country villa, and was intimate with the Basil Woodds of Paddington Green, attending, we may be sure, Bentinck Chapel. At Michaelmas 1793 he removed his country abode to Clapham. Grove House was its name, and there his daughter Charlotte composed her celebrated hymn. The villa has disappeared, but the beginning of the carriage-drive which led to it out of the Old Town still survives between two private residences, one of which has taken the name of Grove House, No. 18 Old Town, the other being No. 16. There Mr. Elliott and his family were intimate with the Wilberforces, who lived at Broomfield, beyond the western end of the Common. Mr. Elliott had also a marine residence at Brighton, at the western end of it, Westfield Lodge, about the fourth house westward from the Battery. At Brighton he founded St. Mary's Chapel, of which, at its consecration in .January 1827, his son
Henry Venn Elliott became the first minister. Another of his sons was the Rev. Edward Bishop Elliott, author of Horae Apocalypticae. From his large family have descended several individuals of distinction and great worth. He died October 15, 1832, at the age of 81."


There is some conflict on the subject of Charles' birth date. *Hole 1896 and the *Red family tree book give it as 12 June 1752 (the date here used), but *Barton 1966 gives it as 12 July 1752, and *Eliott 1974 states that he was baptised in 1751!


The following Bank of England Wills Extract was kindly provided by Charles Baron:
Charles Elliott of Clapham Bank of England Will 1832 a.jpg
Charles Elliott of Clapham Bank of England Will 1832 b.jpg

"No. 132353
Fo. 12151
Fo. 6159
Fo. 736

Sworn under £120,000
died 15 Oct 1832

Charles Elliott of Clapham Esq. died possessed of
£70000... Reduced 82 3/4 £57925
£24021.14.8. & 3 1/2 Reduced 90 £21619.11.2
£3000... ?????? Stock this £
Stock ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

And by his Will dated 20 November 1827 & Republished 21 November 1831 asserted by three Witnesses with a Codicil dated 2 June 1832 by his Will appointed his Sons Charles Elliott, Henry Venn Elliott and Edward Bishop Elliott - and James Stephen the Younger.

????? Probate was granted at D???? C???? 9 November 1832 to the Reverend Henry Venn Elliott Clerk the Son of the said deceased one of the Executors power[?] reserved[?] to Charles Elliott Esq and the Reverend Edward Bishop Elliott Clerk the Sons also of the said deceased and James Stephen Esquire (in the said Will written James Stephen the Younger the other Executors (Herein described formerly of Clapham in the County of Surry but late of Brighthelmstone [the ancient name for Brighton] in the County of Sussex Esquire.

In the Will are the following words

I give and bequeath unto my Sone Charles Elliott the Reverend Henry Venn Elliott the Reverend Edward Bishop Elliott and James Stephen the Younger their Exe.trs and Assigns all my Money in the Parliamentary or Public Stocks or Funds of Great Britain upon Trust[?]

I appoint the said Charles Elliott Henry Venn Elliott Edward Bishop Elliott and James Stephen the younger to the Executors of this my Will

I hereby demand to have £70000 Reduced £3 per cent and £24021.14.8 Reduced ???? being the whole of the Stock standing in the name of the Testator left at my disposal.
H.V. Elliott

£70000 Reduced
£24021.14.8... 3 1/2 Reduced
49166.13.4 } Reduced 21 Nov 1832 ?????
333.6.8 }
10000 }
5500 }
5000 }

to be transferred to the Testators Sons / Charles Elliott, the Rev.d Henry Venn Elliott & the Rev.d Edward Bishop Elliott & James Stephen, in the Will written the Younger / the Trustees & Executors named in the Will & left at their disposal
John Edwards"

According to £94,000 of stock in 1832 would be worth about £4.6 million in 2005!


With Sarah Ann Sherman (d.1784):
  1. Charles Elliott (1776-1856)
  2. William Pearson Elliott (1780-1802)
  3. Sarah Maria Elliott (1781-1858)
  4. Eliza Elliott (b.&d.1782)
  5. John Sherman Elliott (1783-1854)
With Eling Venn (1758-1843):
  1. Eliza Elliott (1786-1875)
  2. Catherine Jane Elliott (1788-1846)
  3. Charlotte Elliott (1789-1871)
  4. Mary Sophia Elliott (1790-1843)
  5. Rev. Henry Venn Elliott (1792-1865)
  6. Rev. Edward Bishop Elliott (1793-1875)
  7. Eleanor Elliott (b.1795)
  8. Joseph Elliott (b.1797)
  9. Basil Wood Elliott (1799-1814)