Property apparently left to Bernard Barton of Carlisle (1728-1773) in the will of his mother Ann (d.1748).

According to Andrew Humphries, most of the current buildings date to the 19th century, but there is one inscription that certainly seems older:

Bartons Farm Thomas Close inscription.JPG
It appears to read "17 BB 14": possibly meaning "B. Barton 1714"?

*Maupin 1980 suggests that the ancestors of Robert Barton (1747-1795) were from "Ivegill and Thomasclose", although Richard Hargreaves disputes that lineage and has Robert as the son of William Barton (1700-1763), finding no reference to Thomas Close.

*Penfold, however, which is an interview with Robert Barton (1828-1917), says:

"He inherited on the death of his father Thomas Close - which his grandfather had purchased & left to his Second Son - Robert's father - the elder son inheriting the Ivegill Estate. Thomas Close will ever be remembered in the political history of Cumberland as the place where an accident was supposed to have happened [in 1839] to the Great Brougham & Mr Leader M.P. on their way from Highhead Castle to Thackwood nook - where they were going[?] to partake of tea with William Blamire & his sister Jane - but instead of going to Thackwood they turned up at Penrith[?] - the news of the accident leaked out. As Brougham wished it - & he had the satisfaction of reading his own obituary - & the scathing attacks on him in the leading daily London papers.*
Robert farmed Thomas Close for six years (which he left on purchasing Barrockstown in 1852) & having only had two tenants in the long period of 65 years on Thomas Close & where some of the old chains[?] of Rork's[?] invention may still be seen.

*This incident is described, somewhat differently, in Memoirs of the Right Honourable Henry Lord Brougham (1840), by J. Harwood (online here). The subject of these stories was Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux (1778–1868). His father was Henry Brougham (1742-1810), who had lived at Scales Hall, the property just to the west of Bartons Farm. Lord Brougham's great x4 grandfather Henry Brougham (d.1622) had been the first to live there.

Lord Brougham's great great uncle Peter Brougham had married Elizabeth Richmond, daughter of Christopher Richmond of High Head Castle, and his wife Isabella Miller; in Isabella's 1737 will - that was witnessed by a John Barton, possibly John Barton of Ivegill (d.1747)? - mentions her grandson Henry Richmond Brougham (not then 21; d.1749 without issue).