Prologue, by Armistead Jones Maupin, revised edition 1980, privately published.

Reproductions of parts of this work were found among the *ABH research notes along with letters that ultimately allowed me to make contact with living descendants of the family. One relative, Richard Hargreaves, kindly loaned me his full copy of this work, allowing me to scan and digitize it in full. Only one chapter concerns the Bartons, specifically the coach-building Bartons such as William Barton (1700-1763), who were the ancestors of the author's wife (nee) Diana Jane Barton, and this chapter was in fact written by Diana Maupin rather than Armistead. Much of it has stood up very well to scrutiny, and it contains some other extraordinary and interesting claims which would be well worth pursuing and attempting to verify.

At the request of a living relative of Diana, I am not publishing the contents of this chapter.