The Chronicles of the Family of Boileau known as de Castelnau de la Garde et de Sainte-Croix de Boiriac. Digby Whicher Boileau, Thomas Whicher Boileau and Peter Mudie Boileau.

From the frontispiece:
"Compiled by DIGBY WHICHER BOILEAU over many years and up to his death at the age of 82, in 1976. Subsequently the work was continued by his brother, THOMAS WHICHER BOILEAU, who produced the first version of the book before his own death at the age of 85. This later, and where possible, more complete version is now presented by PETER MUDIE BOILEAU, son of Digby and nephew of Tom."

This unpublished work was passed on to me by Boileau family historian James Sneyd, although it is apparent from notes in the *NJB family archive that Digby Whicher Boileau had shared an earlier version with Ronald Barton (1901-1986). James Sneyd has declined to make it available online "in deference to the wishes of the authors" and - unless I hear different - neither shall I, even though Peter Mudie Boileau, the last living author, died in 2007 (his obituary is here). It's a shame, but there you go.

The main authors descend from the main Boileau line as follows:

  • Simeon Boileau (1717-1767), father of
  • Thomas Boileau (1754-1806), father of
  • Thomas Ebenezer John Boileau (1796-1853), father of
  • Archibald John Maddy Boileau (1820-1871), father of
  • Thomas Smalley Boileau (1851-1933), father of
  • Digby Whicher Boileau (1893-1976), father of
  • Peter Mudie Boileau (1926-2007).

This makes Peter Mudie Boileau a 5th cousin of Ronald Barton (1901-1986). James Sneyd, incidentally, is more closely related to the authors, as follows (details from his website at

  • Thomas Ebenezer John Boileau (1796-1853), father of
  • Ellen Leah Boileau (1838-1918), mother of
  • Ellen Octavia Graham (~1866-1955), mother of
  • Catherine Charity Graham Bond (1909-1999), grandmother of James Sneyd.